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Global Educations Centre welcomes you to explore the world with our student visa program! Immerse yourself in new cultures while pursuing your education and gaining valuable work experience. From bustling cities to serene landscapes, our program allows you to study, work, and live around the globe. Start your global adventure today!


Explain who is eligible to apply for a student visa, including requirements such as acceptance into a recognized educational institution, proof of financial support, and intention to return to their home country after studies.

Application Process

Detail the steps involved in applying for a student visa, including required documents, forms, fees, and processing times.

Study Permit

Clarify the difference between a student visa and a study permit, if applicable, and explain the process for obtaining and renewing a study permit.

Work Permissions

Outline any work permissions granted under the student visa, such as part-time work during studies or post-graduation work opportunities.

Duration and Renewal

Specify the duration of stay allowed on the student visa, as well as the process for renewing the visa or extending stay for further studies.

Health Insurance

Highlight the importance of having adequate health insurance coverage while studying abroad and provide information on available options.



Offer guidance on finding suitable accommodation options for international students, including on-campus housing, homestays, or private rentals.

Supporting Documents

List the documents required to support the student visa application, such as acceptance letter from the educational institution, proof of funds, and health clearance certificates.

Visa Interview

Explain if a visa interview is required as part of the application process and provide tips for a successful interview.

Post-Study Options

Inform students about post-study options, such as applying for a work visa, permanent residency, or further studies in the host country.

Orientation Services

Mention any orientation services provided to help international students settle into their new environment, such as airport pickup, cultural integration workshops, or language classes.


Include a section with frequently asked questions about student visas, addressing common queries and concerns that prospective students may have.

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